Helping older adults choose lives of dignity and independence.

Winnebago County

Senior Mental Health Program

Lifescape’s Senior Mental Health Program seeks to strengthen older adults' resilience and mental health well-being through many of life's changes by assessing, educating, and referring clients to the support and help they need.

We utilize validated screening tools to assist with recognizing Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Depression. Our Senior Mental Health Program implements the evidenced based program called Healthy IDEAS. Healthy IDEAS integrates depression awareness and education; ensuring older adults and their families & caregivers, can recognize signs & symptoms of depression and link them to help and resources. Depression is not a normal part of aging, and we are here to assist you with cultivating coping skills and provide education & advocacy; so that you can live full healthy, connected, and informed lives.

From this assessment we develop a plan of care and arrange services that may include:

  • Mental Health related screenings
  • Education and awareness
  • Home Visits
  • Case management and advocacy
  • Referrals to support services within
    Lifescape service programs
  • Referrals to mental health and health care
  • Mental Health First-Aid Initial Crisis Intervention

*All services are anonymous and private, unless an imminent danger exist, appropriate crisis protocols will be followed.

Lifescape utilizes the evidence-based program called Health IDEAS (Identifying Depression & Empowering Activities for Seniors) to identify and address symptoms of depression.

This program addresses depression in older adults often occurring with chronic illness and other losses later in life. Depression can negatively affect older adults’ quality of life and ability to function. Healthy IDEAS screens older adults for symptoms of depression, educates older adults and caregivers about depression, links older adults to primary care and mental health providers and empowers older adults to manage their depression through a behavioral activation approach that encourages involvement in meaningful activities.

Emergency Contact Information

If you believe you are or someone else is in imminent danger please call 988
Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Lifeline (

Dial 9-8-8 has been designated as the new national three-digit dialing code that will route 24/7 callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Non-Emergency Police #’s in
Winnebago County, IL:

  • Rockford (815) 966-2900
  • Outside of Rockford (815) 282-2600

Lifescape Contact Information


For more information, please call Lifescape's Senior Mental Health Advocate at 815-968-0522 or email at